Prodotti Erboristeria
Rimedi naturali per la bellezza dei capelli anche dal tuo parrucchiere.


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Prodotti Erboristeria : There are natural herbal products, used more and more often ù by hairdressers, which help to remineralize your hair to feed them and to reinforce them, because è the hair is indeed a symbol of seduction à in man and in woman along. Vitamin deficiencies, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress are all factors that may affect the natural beauty of your hair, weakening them until the fall or to the onset of alopecia. We can then reinforce them from inside with natural products, purchased in herbal medicine or even in a hair salon, herbal and medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals that restore and restructure the fiber and feed them thoroughly. When our tresses are turned off or damaged, often depends on the stress to which we submit because fashion and hair treatments (perms, dyes, corrosive). The results of these \"bullying\" are split ends, loss of shine and volume, or tendency to gain weight or dry out excessively. Worth then take care with wraps and herbal treatments for hair, also prepared upon request from your hairdresser to feed them and protect them, especially in view of the summer, when the Sun, wind and salt spray are ready to attack them. There are herbal remedies for hair that is very effective. Vegetable oils are perfect for this purpose, because one hand è nourish the hair, on the other, form a protective lipid layer fencing them from the elements. Absolute can be used mixed together to take advantage of different à properties or in conjunction with other substances, such as yogurt, masks and wraps. Against hair loss. They are ideal fresh wheat germ and wheat germ oil, but also seeds and sunflower oil. It is particularly suitable for a weekly consumption of nuts, almonds, whole grains, egg yolks and cod liver oil. All of which are rich in vitamin E to combat free radicals and prevent baldness. Against dandruff. è Selenium solution, which is found in wheat germ, Brewer\'s yeast, meat and fish. Dull hair. Brewer\'s yeast, whole grains and citrus fruits which restores tone and shine to hair. Oily hair. For this type of problem è useful vitamin B2, which is contained in the full mile in yeast, in pine nuts, peanuts, nuts, pistachio nuts and wheat germ. White hair. There are no foods that can stop the graying of the hair. Exist for ò of foods that contain a high percentage of antioxidants, which have an anti-aging. I am rich on T è verde, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, kale, spinach and olive oil.

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Prodotti Erboristeria - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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Gossip & News

24 Jun 19

mercato indiano

L'India è la quarantesima destinazione dell'export cosmetico italiano
per un valore di quasi 18 milioni di euro.
Ad essere degno di nota è il TREND DI CRESCITA
di queste esportazioni: nel 2018 è infatti cresciuto
di circa 23 punti percentuali.
Nella sola area asiatica, l'India si colloca in settima posizione tra
i Paesi di destinazione dei cosmetici provenienti dall'Italia.

Le categorie di cosmetici maggiormente esportate,
in termini di valore, sono:
- la profumeria alcolica6,6 milioni di euro );
- i prodotti per viso e corpo3,7 milioni di euro );
- il make-up3,1 milioni di euro ).

Le previsioni per il 2019 segnalano un'interessante crescita 
per i prodotti per la cura dei capelli, in particolare
coloranti ( +11,2% ) e gel-cere ( 10,8% ).

24 Jun 19

Viktoriia Vradii


Collection: L’Eclat
Ph: Tatiana Kizeeva
Make-up: Evgeniya Spiktorenko


21 Jun 19


VITALFARCO srl, azienda di Corsico (Milano),
specializzata nella produzione di prodotti per capelli
sia di linee proprie che per conto terzi,
è in copertina su BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION,
lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza!

VITALFARCO srl annuncia l'apertura della nuova sede
che ospiterà, oltre ad uffici e sale riunioni dedicate 
all'accoglienza di clienti e fornitori, un'Accademia.
A settembre, in occasione del Cinquantenario dell'Azienda,
verrà inaugurata la V_Academy dedicata alla formazione
degli acconciatori, con locali destinati alle prove tecniche,
ai seminari, ai meeting e agli eventi.

Sfoglia la rivista !

Via Canova, 8/10/12 – CORSICO (MI), Italia
Tel. 02.36526956

21 Jun 19

Stipe Filipovic


Collection: Pasjaca
Ph: Matea Pejic
Make-up: Ana Zovko
Stylist: Gordana Zucic


20 Jun 19

Lesley Fuller, Malakey Fajloun, Vicky Leihn, Monica Broadley, Leena Pun, Ainsley Winnell


This stunning bridal collection captures the elegance and beauty of a modern day bride with exquisite lace designs. The soft yet striking palette of white, grey and red highlights the excitement and wonder of a bride’s wedding day.

Collection: Romance
Ph: Jason Lau
Make-up: Elisa Fonseca
Styling: Luxe Robes


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