Natural remedies for the beauty of the hair also from your hairdresser.

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There are natural herbal products, used more and more often also by hairdressers, that help to remineralize the hair to nourish and strengthen them, because hair is in fact a symbol of manhood in man and seduction in women. Vitamin deficiencies, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress are all factors that can alter the natural beauty of the hair, weaken them until the fall or onthe appearance of alopecia. We can then strengthen them from the inside with natural products, bought in herbal medicine or even in a hair salon, based on herbs and medicinal plants, vitamins and minerals that restore and restructure the fiber and feed them thoroughly. When our hair is turned off or damaged, it often depends on the stress we undergo because of the fashion and hairdressing treatments (dings, permanent, aggressive products). The results of these angheries are split ends, loss of shine and volume, or tendency to gain weight or dry excessively. It is then worth taking care of them with wraps and herbal hair treatments, also prepared on request by your hairdresser, aimed at feeding and protecting them, especially in view of summer, when sun, wind and saluse are ready to attack them. There are very effective hair herbal products. Vegetable oils are perfect for this purpose, because on the one hand they nourish the hair, on the other they form a protective lipid layer that shields them from the elements. You can use absolutes mixed together to take advantage of the different properties or together with other substances, such as yogurt, in masks and wraps. Against hair loss. Fresh wheat germ and wheat germ oil are ideal, but so are seeds and sunflower oil. A weekly consumption of hazelnuts, almonds, whole grains, egg yolk and cod liver is particularly indicated. All elements rich in vitamin E can counter free radicals and prevent baldness. Against the dandruff. The solution is selenium, which is found in wheat germ, brewer's yeast, meat and fish. Opaque hair. Beer yeast, untreated whole grains and citrus fruits that restore tone and shine to the hair. Fat hair. Vitamin B2, contained in whole grain millet, brewer's yeast, pine nuts, peanuts, nuts, pistachios and wheat germ, is useful for this type of problem. White hair. There are no foods that can stop hair being grayed out. However, there are foods that contain a high percentage of antioxidants, which perform an anti-aging action. Green tea, strawberries, blueberries, black grapes, green cabbage, spinach and olive oil are rich.

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